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Yes for Education

Yes for Education


Strong voter turnout in the November election is critical for public education in California. There are two very important education funding initiatives on the ballot as well as critical candidate races in many districts. If an education initiative isn’t passed by voters, K-12 public schools will face a devastating $4.9 billion in trigger cuts. If they fail, students could lose up to three weeks of school. Enough is enough.

One of the greatest tools we have at our disposal is our right to vote. Join us in our pledge to unite our voices in support of education and the future of California. If parents, neighbors, friends, students and grandparents all voted - united we could change education!

Have YOU taken the pledge? 

Click here to pledge to vote YES for EDUCATION


Can you attend or host a pledge gathering event?  It's easy!  Educate Our State will supply all the materials and detailed instructions.  Click here for more info!

To read more about the education initiatives on the November ballot, please click here.

To view of list of organizations that support voting Yes for Education, click here.

To watch some great videos - click here!