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What We Stand For

What We Stand For

Mission Statement

Educate Our State is a grassroots, parent-led organization educating and uniting Californians to advocate for systemic change that will provide all students with a high-quality public education. 

Campaign Platform Overview

California is falling drastically behind in every educational measure for student success including: test scores, dropout rates, funding per pupil, and teacher-student ratios. California is failing its children; the time for change is now.

The current public education system in California is broken. We believe the fundamental building blocks outlined below are essential for an effective, high-quality K-12 education.

Superior Educators: Highly effective, inspirational teachers, principals and staff:

  • Attracting top graduates to teaching
  • Support collaboration and school support services to meet student needs
  • Provide teacher professional development and training

Logical, Sufficient and Stable Education Funding:

  • Logical and fair funding based on the students’ needs, not where they live
  • Locally-controlled funding with transparency, accountability and adequate resources that adjusts for regional costs
  • Stable funding schools can count on, without yearly changes

Engaging and Stimulating Instruction and Curriculum:

  • Standards-based instruction that engages students
  • Teaching skills necessary for success in the workplace of tomorrow
  • Useful and timely student assessments that don't burden students, teachers and systems with excessive testing

We continuously monitor ideas to improve education and make adjustment to our platform as needed.

We are all volunteers and constantly learning -- we welcome your input at [email protected]