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This Budget Blows

This Budget Blows

Tell your legislators to stop the circus and get serious about education!


Our California leaders are on the verge of blowing it, and our children are going to pay the price.  The current budget proposal depends on revenue generated from a not-yet-passed November initiative -- but even Kindergartners know the school year starts months before that. Our schools can’t pay for teachers and programs with money they don’t have and might never get. Tell our state leaders to pass a budget that fully funds education NOW!

To read about how California education spending compares to other states (hint - we are at or near bottom), please click here. OR watch this video that illustrates just how bad our situation really is...


To read Educate our State's review of Governor Brown's proposed budget, please click here.

What Can You Do?

2.  Upload photos of your kids blowing bubbles so we can deliver them to Sacramento (like the saying goes - a picture is worth a thousand signatures!)  And don’t forget to change your Facebook profile picture to one of you blowing bubbles!
3. Write a Letter to the Editor - VERY simple, just click here!
4.  Email 10 friends and ask them to take action too!

Thursday, March 15, 2012, all across California

On March 15th, the notorious “Pink Slip” day, thousands of teachers got lay-off notices. In protest of these and other devastating cuts, parents and students blew bubbles to tell our state leaders, “Don’t blow it! You have the power to fully fund education now!”  These launch events publicized the need for parents to take action by sending letters to state legislators through Educate Our State’s website.  To see a list of the bubble blowing events,please click here.