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Questions & Answers: Community

Questions & Answers: Community

As parents, we all find it challenging to delve into school funding.  We welcome your questions and insights! Please use the box below or email us here to submit questions and comments, which we will do our best to address here in the near future.

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Q.  Who are the winners and losers if we fix school funding to adjust for cost of living?

Q:  What is the formula that determines school funding called LCFF (the Local Control Funding Formula)?

Q:  When I look at schools closing and budget cuts, they often mention dropping enrollment. Isn’t this just an enrollment issue?

Q.  Why can't districts just raise the additional district funds for they need with parcel taxes?

Q.  The need to reflect local cost of living seems obvious -- why hasn’t anything been done?

Q.  Is it true that adjusting school funding for cost of living was suggested before and was divisive?

Q:  Where else does the state take local cost of living into account?

Q:  Why supplement ten counties instead of indexing all counties?

Q.  Why haven’t all the districts in the high-cost counties collapsed?

Q:  I’m confused. Can you explain this regional-cost-excess-tax issue briefly?

Q.  Does this help us in a ‘donut district’ -- that is, a district that is ringed with low-income districts receiving more state funding and high-income districts in the center with parcel taxes?

Q:  What is the history behind current school property tax allocation, and what is ERAF?

Q:  Why aren’t Sacramento and Los Angeles Counties on your list?  They are having strikes.