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We're saying it loud and clear: there's a crisis facing California Public Education, and we need to stand up and demand change. Watch this video to hear what inspires us.

La Jolla Bubble Rally on NBC News


Grass-roots parent activist group organizes bubble-blowing campaign to draw attention to education budget

LAFAYETTE -- Parents and children stood in the rain Thursday blowing bubbles and holding signs to express dissatisfaction with the state's education budget. Their message: "Don't blow it."

The statewide public awareness campaign was coordinated by the grass-roots group Educate our State to coincide with March 15 -- the day school districts in California issue pink slips to notify teachers that they could lose their jobs in June.

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Video: Students Tell Gov. Brown His ‘Budget Blows’


As schools across the state face budget cuts year after year, students and community members used an unusual medium to send a symbolic message. 

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More than 20,000 California teachers pink-slipped


More than 20,000 public school teachers in California opened their mailboxes over the last few days to find a pink slip inside as districts met the state's Thursday deadline for dispensing the dreaded news to the educators that they may not have a job in the fall.

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In Elk Grove, and Around State, Students Protest Budget Cuts


Students at Elk Grove Elementary School joined kids from San Francisco to Los Angeles to blow bubbles Thursday in protest of state budget cuts to education.

The "This Budget Blows" protest, organized by the parent organization Educate Our State, coincided with the March 15 deadline for school districts to issue preliminary layoff notices to educators.



Marin parents, school supporters hold bubble-blowing protest of school budget cuts


Parents and students at five Marin public schools — along with others in 55 cities across the state — take part in a bubble-blowing rally Thursday intended to send a message to state legislators. The "This Budget Blows!" campaign, organized by the nonprofit organization Educate Our State...

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Thousands Of Teachers To Get Layoff Warnings

Thousands of California teachers and school staff are about to get layoff warnings in the mail this week.

School districts were required to send the notices, or pink slips, by Thursday.

About 100 teachers, parents and students gathered outside Elk Grove Elementary School Thursday morning, blowing bubbles, and shouting,"Don't blow it," a message they intended for California lawmakers. The visual show of protest against cuts in the state's education budget was organized by "Educate Our State," a statewide organization that held the same demonstration in about 15 schools Thursday, said Ronda Lim, who is with the group.

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Students Blow Bubbles to Protest Budget Cuts


Students chanted slogans like "Blow bubbles, not budgets," at the protest.

Source: Students Blow Bubbles to Protest Budget Cuts | NBC San Diego


Don't Blow It! Wildwood, Havens Students Blow Bubbles to Support Education Funding


Young protesters, some sheltered by umbrellas, did their part to support increased state funding for education.

A small number of students and parents at Wildwood and Havens Elementary Schools defied the rain Thursday morning to blow bubbles in support of increased education funding from the State of California.

They were part of a statewide campaign organized by a grassroots parents' group, Educate Our State. The bubbles were meant to tell state legislators "Don't Blow It!" as lawmakers were poised to make further cuts to education and school districts throughout California announced teacher layoffs Thursday.

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Altadena students blow bubbles to support teachers


ALTADENA - Students and parents wanted to tell legislators not to blow their school budgets, so they organized a protest to blow bubbles.

About 100 students and parents rallied in front of Altadena Elementary School on Thursday morning, bringing along some soapy fun to call attention to the serious financial crisis facing schools.

"People were very receptive," said Cushon Bell, who organized the protest with permission from Altadena Elementary administrators.

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