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Education Tax Initiative Matrix with Information Links & Governor’s January Budget compiled by Educate Our State

Name of Initiative

Who is behind plan?

Whose taxes go up?

Taxes on wealthy

How much is raised? Where does money go?


Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act

Governor Jerry Brown, Democrats in Legislature; labor groups including SEIU, CTA, AFSCME, Eli Broad, Occidental Petroleum

Income tax increase for those earning over $250K. State sales tax increases by .05% for all purchases.

Income tax rates increase 1% for individuals making more than $250K per year; 2% for individuals making over $500K per year

Estimated to raise between $4.8B - $6.9B. If $6.9B roughly $2 B would be new money per year for education*

Tax increases would expire in 2016

Our Children, Our Future: Local Schools and Early Education Investment and Bond Debt Reduction Act

Advancement Project/LA attorney Molly Munger; endorsed by state PTA

Sliding scale across-the board income tax increase, but most families earning $40K or less annually would be exempt. High earners pay more.

Couples earning $1.5 million per year would pay $27K more; couples earning $75K per year would pay $428 more

$10B raised annually. Years 1­4: 60% for K-12 education, 10% early ed and 30% to school bond debt. Years 5-12: 85% to K-12 education and 15% to early ed**

Expires after 12 years, unless voters reapprove measure

Millionaire’s Tax

California Federation of Teachers; Courage Campaign; California Calls, and several community groups

Would raise income taxes by 3% on individuals and families earning more than $1M a year; by 5% on those earning more than $2M a year

Only those earning more than $1M

Estimated to raise between $6B-$9.5B. 36% to K-12, 24% to 13-14, CSU and UC***

No expiration


*Due to the $9.2B deficit the new money brought in by the Governor’s initiative would equate to flat funding for K-12 schools. $2.4B would offset deferred money the state promises districts each year, $2.4B will go to pay off a debt service that would now be part of Prop 98 if the budget passes. If the proposed January budget passes and the initiative does not, the Governor has a trigger cut built in of $4.9B to public schools that would take place mid-year. This is the equivalent to 3 weeks less of instruction.

**Empowers local decision-making on use of K-12 funds, but lists arts, music, smaller class sizes, counselors, librarians, nurses, extended learning day and summer school as permitted uses. Neither legislature nor governor can touch funds. New money would be a weighted student formula. Money follows students to school site. Requires transparency and budget accounting at school site, district and state level.

***40% to local governments to restore services for children, seniors, and disabled persons, public safety and roads. All funds bypass Sacramento and flow directly to local school districts and county government.


Governor Brown initiative: The Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act of 2012

Language as submitted



Great overview by the LAO to the Attorney General



Article in Sacramento Bee



TOP-Ed’s first look at the governor’s initiative



TOP-Ed’s more in depth look at the initiative



Article about how much $$ the Governor’s Initiative would raise



Article about how the potential dollars from the Governor’s will be used



Advancement Project/Molly Munger’s - Our Children, Our Future: Local Schools and Early Education Investment and Bond Reduction Act #11-0100

Language as submitted



Link to campaign’s website



TOP-Ed’s in depth look at the initiative


California Federation of Teachers – Millionaires Tax to Restore Funding for Education and Essential Services Act of 2012

Language as submitted



Link to campaign’s website



Article about this initiative with a comparison


Governor Brown’s January 2012 Budget – Proposals affecting Education

Link to entire budget



K thru 12 Education Budget Proposal



Overview of budget by the Legislative Analyst Office



Overview of budget from TOP-Ed



Explanation of weighed student formula (major change proposed in the governor’s budget)

http://toped.svefoundation.org/2012/01/05/switch-to-weighted-funding-local-control/ http://toped.svefoundation.org/2012/01/09/how-weighted-funding-would-work/


Article about the budget – shifting the bond debt into Prop 98



Article about some proposed changes for education (class size, transitional kindergarten)



Public Advocates overview of Governor Brown’s budget Public Advocates_Gov Proposal January 2012 Summary.pdf


John Affeldt, Managing Attorney at Public Advocates, article about the new funding formula in Governor Brown’s budget


Note: Information obtained from publicly available sources and while deemed reliable, is not guaranteed and should be independently verified. Updated January 26, 2012