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Deferrals Explained

Deferrals Explained


Did you know that in addition to decimating budgets for public education over the past several years, our California State Legislators & Governor are using taxpayer dollars (legally budgeted to fund public schools) for non-education expenses, without regard for the health of our schools? These are called "deferrals."

While funding school budgets is guaranteed by State Law and the State Constitution, the State is "borrowing" funds that are restricted for schools. K-12 education funding has been cut 20% since the beginning of the great recession. This has had a devastating effect on the programs and services taxpayers provide California's children. In addition to these funding cuts, schools receive 25% of their funding in deferred payments. This forces districts to borrow money short term to maintain cash flow and pay their bills. If we are going to recover from this recession and build a strong economic foundation for the future, funding for schools must be a priority for all of us.

Deferrals make an already grim fiscal picture more dire for our public school system.

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