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Ten Counties Experience Major Cost Deficits
(click a county below for specific information) 

Almost every school district in California faces budget challenges.  But those challenges are especially acute in the neediest districts in our highest-cost regions.  Below is a summary of the additional fiscal pain suffered in the ten most expensive counties in the state, as a result of a flat statewide funding scheme.  Below the chart are the specific districts suffering the greatest deficits in each county.

The first column shows the Regional Cost Deficit Index (explained in detail here). The second column shows the actual hardship -- the Parity Deficit -- suffered by school districts in that county.

The third column shows “Excess ERAF” (for a definition of ERAF, click here) -- property taxes collected to augment Educational Revenue that are not used for that purpose, but declared “Excess” and redistributed to other government entities.  Curious about these? They’re explained under $623 million.

The final column shows the Net General Fund contribution required to supplement school districts in the ten counties so the playing field is level across the state for our children and communities.