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Yes! We have reason to celebrate! Californians voted Yes for Education. The passage of Prop 30 has preserved school funding for this year and many newly elected, pro- education legislators will help us make education a priority in Sacramento once again. You did make a difference! Across California, 300 volunteers held over 100 Yes For Education events, reaching thousands of voters, our first ever Twitter party reached 5 million followers and we connected with over 2 million Facebook fans - way to go team!  Your presence was felt, and your voices were heard.

Keep the movement growing - support Educate Our State with a donation today.

Now, more than ever, we must keep this momentum going if we want to bring real change to public education in California. By growing this movement to 1 million strong, we will demand that education take its proper place as a top priority in Sacramento.

Can you make a donation?  Sending emails, operating our website, and providing campaign materials to our supporters costs money.  Please consider donating $3 to Educate Our State as we continue to press forward with our goal of growing this movement.  We will not rest until all of California’s children can receive an excellent education. You can donate here.

Thank you - we hope you are as proud as we are of our collective work to stand up for the kids of California.  Go Team!

With deep appreciation,
The Educate Our State Team

P.S. Want to know how you can get more involved and become a bigger part of the team? We would love to have you! Click here.