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2012 Candidate Questionnaires

2012 Candidate Questionnaires

Educate Our State recently became a 501(c)(4) so we may help elect politicians who will make Education a priority for California once again.  We sent out candidate questionnaires to every candidate for State Assembly and State Senate.  The questions were based on our platform and may be found below the picture.

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If you do not see your candidate listed, please encourage them to answer the questions.  To see who the candidates are in your area, please sign on to votesmart.org and enter your zip code.




Questionnaire for California State Senate & Assembly Candidates 2012

The first ten questions below are based on Educate Our State’s platform. We want to know how you feel about these issues and hear any ideas you have regarding them. Please refer to our platform on our website for more information and all references and research that is the basis of our platform. The last four questions are about the education initiatives on the ballot (Prop 30 & 38) and how you see yourself as an education candidate and potential legislator.
Thank you for your time!

For the following statements, each candidate had the option of selecting: "Support", "Oppose", "Support with Reservation", or "Need Clarification" as responses and had an area to share his or her own ideas on the topic.

1.  Incentives to attract top graduates to the teaching profession utilizing logical and supportive credentialing and retention processes.

2. Performance assessments of faculty and staff that are student-focused, data-driven and outcome-based.

3. Modifications to retention and removal practices that use criteria other than years of service to ensure effective teachers in every classroom.

4. Teacher professional development and training, including collaborative teaching practices such as professional learning communities.

5. Logical and equitable funding with local control, financial transparency and accountability, and based on student needs.

6. Sufficient funding that can meet California’s high academic standards and is based on calculations by education experts across the nation.

7. Stable funding not subject to year-to-year volatility.

8. Standards-based instruction that engages students in the learning process.

9. Curriculum that teaches critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration, the skills necessary for success in the 21st century workplace.

10. Useful and timely student assessments constructed to evaluate these skills as well as California’s high academic standards.

11. Do you support or oppose Governor Brown’s Proposition 30 to help bridge the budget gap and fund education for the next few years.

12. Do you support or oppose Molly Munger’s Proposition 38 to add funding to public education for the next 12 years.

You as an “Education Candidate”
13.  What in your personal background gives you experience understanding and grappling with the California public school system?

You as an “Education Candidate”
14. What interest do you have in serving on or leading a committee while in state office that directly impacts education policy and funding?