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Camp Educate

Camp Educate


Your Vote is Your Voice – The Power is in Your Hands

The November election will be critical for public education - two education funding initiatives are on the ballot as well as many candidates who, once elected, will have an opportunity to make real change to California's public education system. We MUST mobilize supporters of public education - parents, grandparents, business leaders and community members - to ensure everyone is registered and ready to vote to save public education in November.


Sacramento isn’t going to make education a priority unless they know how we, their constituents, want them to.  And what’s the best way to make a politician listen?  Tell it to the ballot box.  A large, collective voting bloc is a powerful tool.  Our united voices must be heard in November.  Together we can do this!

Our Goals

To inform 100 parent leaders on the issues, then train them to hold voter registration drives, join the Educate Our State voter pledge campaign and run phone banks.

Put Your Training into Action

Take what you have learned back to your community and train others. As leaders we can continue to grow the education movement. The training provided  by Educate Our State will give you the tools to inspire action and make a real difference in the lives of California’s public school children.

Sign Me Up!

We held Camp Educates in Northern and Southern California in August. We are currently evaluating a San Diego Camp Educate. Do you think your community could benefit from a Camp Educate? Please contact us at [email protected].

Educate Our State

Educate Our State is a parent-led, statewide campaign to unite the voices of Californians in support of high-quality K-12 public education and demand real change.