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"Yes for Education" campaign call #4

"Yes for Education" campaign call #4

The “Yes for Education” campaign is gaining momentum. But our work is not done - it will take all of us working together to get the job done. Can we count on you?

Join the campaign calls which will be held every Thursday at 9:30am up until the election.

Bring a friend!


  • Check in
  • Brief review of last call
  • Intro guest speaker
  • Guest speaker
  • Comments/Questions
  • Next Steps

To listen to the last call:


Enter access code: 1009338#

Reference #10


October 04, 2012 at 9:30am - 10:30am
Conference Call: (605)475-4700 Access code:1009338
Kalimah Salahuddin ·
Andi Rich Barbara Wenneker Kate Maselli Zimman Annie Bauccio Hope Salzer Crystal Brown Tamara Hurley Cushon Bell Deborah Leon Amy Baker Suzy Pak Fran Shimp Katherine Welch Jenny Skoble Cinnamon Paula

Will you come?