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    We’ve done a lot research, talked to a lot of education experts, asked a lot of questions and done a lot of thinking. We aren’t education experts, but we’ve learned quite a bit along the way. Find out more about who we are, what we’ve done, and California’s education system by following the links below.

    Want to know more about how Educate Our State started? Check out Our Story.

    Want to understand why billions that should be going to education every year never gets there? Read here.

    Interested in what we have done the last ten years? See our brief review here.

    LCFF Provides an Opportunity for the Parent Voice in Education  The Local Control Funding Formula simplifies education funding by designating uniform base grants per student across the state.  These funds have NO spending restrictions and are under “local control.”  For students who are either English Learners or come from poverty, LCFF also provides additional resources that are to be spent on these students, recognizing the increased resources needed to adequately support these populations.  LCFF is described in more detail here. At the end of the day, though, the per-pupil funding is still much too low to be able to provide every child with a highly effective education.

    “Local Control” means that school districts and schools will develop their own accountability plans (LCAP), which set student outcomes and spending, but have essentially no state oversight.  This gives school districts increased flexibility and control.  And it give parents and community members the opportunity to impact goals, spending, transparency, and accountability—but only if districts engage them to participate.  

    Parent involvement is a key element of the plan outlined by the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), but the question will be how successful local school districts will be.

    This is why Educate Our State mobilized supporters to urge the State Board of Education to make parents true stakeholders in education in the final LCFF regulations and guidelines.

    Interested in being kept informed? Check out these sources for daily/weekly updates on California education News compiled by Educate Our State.

    EdSource - Engaging Californians on Key Education Challenges Blog.

    California Budget and Policy Center- serving fresh policy news and views

    Legislative Analyst’s Office - California’s Fiscal and Policy Advisor -- this is a link to some of their education publications.

    Rough & Tumble - A snapshot of California Public Policy and Politics.

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    What We Stand For

    Mission Statement

    Educate Our State is a grassroots, parent-led organization educating and uniting Californians to advocate for systemic change that will provide all students with a high-quality public education. 

    Campaign Platform Overview

    California is falling drastically behind in every educational measure for student success including: test scores, dropout rates, funding per pupil, and teacher-student ratios. California is failing its children; the time for change is now.

    The current public education system in California is broken. We believe the fundamental building blocks outlined below are essential for an effective, high-quality K-12 education.

    Superior Educators: Highly effective, inspirational teachers, principals and staff:

    • Attracting top graduates to teaching
    • Support collaboration and school support services to meet student needs
    • Provide teacher professional development and training

    Logical, Sufficient and Stable Education Funding:

    • Logical and fair funding based on the students’ needs, not where they live
    • Locally-controlled funding with transparency, accountability and adequate resources that adjusts for regional costs
    • Stable funding schools can count on, without yearly changes

    Engaging and Stimulating Instruction and Curriculum:

    • Standards-based instruction that engages students
    • Teaching skills necessary for success in the workplace of tomorrow
    • Useful and timely student assessments that don't burden students, teachers and systems with excessive testing

    We continuously monitor ideas to improve education and make adjustment to our platform as needed.

    We are all volunteers and constantly learning -- we welcome your input at info@educateourstate.org.

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    Board of Directors

    The Educate Our State Leadership Center Board of Directors is committed to supporting leaders across the state to improve public education in their communities. We share a common passion: to make the education system in California better for all kids.

    Katherine Welch

    Katherine Welch

    Chair (Piedmont)

    Katherine is galvanized by the message and the approach of Educate Our State, and first joined the board in 2011. She served on the board of Gateway Public Schools in San Francisco from 2008-2014 and also on the board of Head Royce School in Oakland. Most recently she chaired Delaine Eastin's campaign for Governor in 2016-18. She has a diverse business background with experience in corporate finance, venture capital, non-profit education and general business management and operations. Katherine has been actively involved as a volunteer in the non-profit sector for over 20 years in many capacities. After a tireless effort to raise funds for her children’s public school district several years ago, she realized that, more than ever, systemic change in California’s public education system is the only solution for our children – and parents are the best messengers for that change. Katherine graduated with an MBA from Harvard University and a BA in Public Policy Studies from Duke University.

    Kilty Belt-Vahle (San Francisco)

    Kilty Belt-Vahle (San Francisco)

    Kilty is an advocate for progressive causes. While signing online petitions for every possible progressive cause, wishing to effect change, she became aware of the power of the petition. With two children in public elementary school in the Mission, the need to better fund the schools became personal. Thus she became lead to Educate our State, and presented this need before the SFUSD Board for the Educate Our State Initiative in 2014. She also volunteered for No on Prop 2 in 2014. Using the Spanish she learned while living in Spainperiodically over 20 years, she reached out to the Latino community, educating her school community, friends and neighbors about the urgent need for policies that fund our schools. Her interest and activities in social justice reach back to her undergraduate days. She studied and wrote about the socio-political artists of history to earn a BA in Art History at the College of Wooster in Ohio, while she was promoting whistle-blowing movies and canvasing for women’s health care rights in her extra-curricular hours.

    Hope Wedemeyer Salzer (Piedmont)

    Hope Wedemeyer Salzer (Piedmont)

    Hope Wedemeyer Salzer Hope's steadfast vision is to restore California's public education system to its position of national prominenceafter decades of passive neglect.  As President of her local League of Women Voters, she is committed to delivering robust voter education to motivate voters to confidently participate in democratically-driven change. Moreover, Hope perceives public education to be the link to improving our economy and society noting that education generally correlates directly with better health, environmental stewardship, and self-sufficiency.  Hope's two children participate in the California public school system where she has been a indefatigable andubiquitous volunteer and activist since 2009.   She received her B.A.  from Wesleyan University and, prior to motherhood, developed professional skills with a career in Management Consulting and Direct Marketing mostly for Fortune 100 Companies in the financial services, communications and healthcare industries.

    Ruth Burton

    Ruth Burton

    Secretary (Bakersfield)

    Ruth was born and raised in Honduras. She and her husband Bruce moved to Bakersfield twenty-five years ago, where she found her passion for teaching.  Ruth worked with migrant children in the rural areas of the southern San Joaquin Valley as a teacher, utilizing her bilingual teaching skills to offer new immigrants into the U.S. an education that included a great deal more than academics.  While any good teacher can attest to the energyrequired in a normal classroom, this migrant population also confronts the challenging issue of poverty, which requires a level of teacher commitment far and above a traditional school environment.  Ruth committed her heart and soul to this profession for almost 15 years and recently retired from the classroom.  She has four children: daughters Ruthie and Ana, both married with children and living in the bay area.  Ana is a teacher, and Ruthie is an Industrial Engineer.  Her son Danny, also married, after eight years in the Navy, lives in Los Angeles, and works for Wells Fargo. Her son James graduated from Haverford College and works for City Bank in South Africa. .  Ruth studied English in England, accounting in Honduras, and worked for almost a decade for the Central American Bank for Economical Integration.  She earned her Masters degree in Spanish language, literature and culture at UC Santa Barbara

    Suzy Pak

    Suzy Pak

    Treasurer (Lafayette)

    Suzy has a background of more than 19 years in asset management and is currently Client Service Manager for ClearBridge Investments, an equity manager of Legg Mason, Inc., with over $58 billion under management. She is a co-founder of Lafayette for Education, a group of concerned individuals whose focus is to identify, secure and support ongoing revenues for its school district. Suzy is an active community volunteer with service on the boards of the Junior League of San Francisco, the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center (SFCAPC), the Lafayette Library and Learning Center Foundation, and the Springhill Elementary Parent Faculty Club. Suzy is a product of California public schools and wants to make sure her two daughters have the opportunity as well. She joins the Lafayette School Board in December 2014. She has a BA in Economics from UC Santa Cruz and an MBA from San Jose State University.

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    Educate Our State


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    Contact Us

    Educate Our State Leadership Center
    6411 La Salle Ave., #608

    Oakland, CA 94611


    Send feedback

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    We're saying it loud and clear, there's a crisis facing California Public Education, and we need to stand up and demand change. Watch this video to here what inspires us. 


    January 2012

    "Not on Our Children's Backs", NBC Class Action

    November 2011

    "Parents Join to Push for Better Schools" , Los Angeles Times, November 13, 2011

    "California parents meet in LA to organize",  KPPC Radio (89.3) Listen

    “Education Advocates Demand More Public School Funding”, Redwood City Patch October 3, 2011 

    May 20111062EducateOurState.jpg

    ABC KGO Local TV , May 24, 2011

    “Parents, Students Rally Across State For Education”, KTLA May 24, 2011

    “Protests over school budget cuts planned across Calif.", KABC-TV7 Los Angeles May 24, 2011

    “Rallies Held in Bay Area Over Cuts to Education”, KTO TV San Francisco May 24, 2011

    “California Education Budget Cuts: Rally in Sudio City", Huffington Post May 24, 2011

    “Carpenter and Walter Reed Parents Plan Protest”, North Hollywood Patch May 24, 2011

    “Parents, Teachers Rallying Against Education Budget Cuts”, Studio City Patch May 24, 2011

    “Parents, Teachers Rallying Against Education Budget Cuts”, Sherman Oaks Patch May 24, 2011

    “Rally For Education”, Burlingame Patch May 24, 2011

    “Lamorindans Rally for Public Education”, Lamorinda Patch May 24, 2011

    “Parents Rally to Protest Education Budget Cuts”, Millbrae Patch May 24, 2011

    “Protestors Rally In Redwood City To Support Schools”, Redwood City Patch May 24, 2011 2011-05-24_09.05.56.jpg

    “Parents rally at State Capitol for public schools”, NBC 10 News Sacramento May 24, 2011

    "Parents Rally to Improve Public Schools", East County Magazine May 24, 2011

    “Santa Barbara Teachers, Families Rally in Support”, Noozhawk Santa Barbara May 24, 2011

    "Wake Up and Smell The School Cuts", Top-Ed May 25, 2011

    Rally For Education”Fast News May 25, 2011

    “Hundreds of Long Beach Parents and Kids Attend Rally For Public Education", Belmont Sore Patch May 25, 2011

    “Rally For Public Education”,  A Driveable Feast Blog

    “Luke Perry Joins Rally at His Children School”, Babble.com

    “School Beat: Taking Action in a State of Emergency”, Beyond Chron

    “School Board Considers Cutting 315 More Jobs”, 10Ten News San Diego

    “Rally for Education on Tuesday”, Lamorinda Sun   

    "Wake Up California Rally”, San Diego Tribune 

    “Budget Cuts Rally Concerned Parents, School Officials”, Long Beach Gazette

    “Local schools to join in ‘day of action' rally”,  The Argonaut Los Angeles 

    “L.A. school board, union still at odds over budget”, Los Angeles Times

    "Wake Up California", Moms LA Blog

    “Parents rally to protest education cuts”, Mountain View Voice

    “Taking Action in a State of Emergency”, California Progress Report 

    "Schools Get Creative to Raise Needed Cash”, San Francisco Chronicle

    “If the Parent Voice Get Loud Enough”, NBC Bay Area

    Crystal Brown from Educate Our State on Comcast News Makers talking about the Parent Movement and the need for all of us to stand up and support California's students.

    April 2011

    “Class Sizes to Grow, Despite State's $1.3 Billion Program”, Bay Citizen

     “Parents, Educators Call On Lawmakers To Allow Budget Special Election”, SF Appeal

     “School districts propose drastic budget cuts that raise outcry”, Sacramento Bee

    “30,000 parents, and one student, rally in support of June taxes”, San Francisco Chronicle

    “The last word: Come together … right now”, California School Board Magazine

    “Former Gov. Pete Wilson pulled a Jerry Brown?”, Newsreview


    "Mom's Fight For Schools" Daily News, March 9, 2011 was picked up by Pasadena Star News, Whittier Daily News and San Jose Mercury News.




     KQED radio minute 0:30 "For every parent here there are 1,000 behind you."




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