Educate Our State is a grassroots, parent-led organization educating and uniting Californians to advocate for
systemic change that will provide all students with a high-quality public education. Add your voice now!

Wake Up California

So often, lately, we have been scratching our heads and wondering, “Why aren’t parents and community members rioting in the streets?”  The state of public education, and many other important public services is abysmal and instead of wondering – we decided – yes, good idea – lets riot in the streets, lets grab our lattes and our PJ’s and let California know – we want to Educate Our State!

Educate Our State is a parent-led campaign to unite the voices of Californians demanding high quality public education for every child in our state.  And, on May 24th, we plan to do just that – show how loud our parent voices can roar and wake up California.  Wake Up California is a statewide, multi-city event all taking place on the same day.  Here are a few examples of what is taking place to Wake Up California:

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